Showit vs Squarespace – Which One is for You?

As web designers, we’ve tried a variety of web design platforms including WordPress, squarespace, wix, showit, and web flow. In this article we’ll discuss showit vs squarespace, who each platform is for, and which platform we ultimately chose. 

What is Squarespace? 

Squarespace is a web hosting platform that allows people with zero web design experience to launch their website in a few days or less. The platform uses a 3 square per column design concept so you aren’t overwhelmed with design decisions

What is Showit?

Showit is a web hosting platform designed by photographers for creative entrepreneurs that allow people with zero web design experience to drag and drop a site (similar to canva) in a few days or less. The platform allows more customization than hosting platforms like squarespace or weebly. Here’s two Showit website template examples to get you excited about Showit:

Showit vs Squarespace in one sentence:

Showit is customizable for the go-getters, Squarespace is easy for a quick out-of-the-box setup with minimal customization options! 

What are the differences between showit and squarespace?

Squarespace is for the person who dislikes decision making. Squarespace users never have to work with a blank canvas because they have the 3 square design concept to input photos, text, videos, and more.

Showit, on the other hand, is for the person who has a creative vision for their site that squarespace’s limited design features won’t allow for. Countless showit users can attest that they started with squarespace, then moved to showit when they felt trapped in their design.

Showit templates vs squarespace templates

The Showit template library is more extensive than the squarespace template library. Plus, when you load a template in Showit, you have full drag-and-drop customization including colors, fonts, and even embedding html code from a generated widget. Squarespace templates, on the other hand, only allow you to change the colors and aesthetic…there’s no drag-and-drop feature. 

Sharing showit templates vs sharing squarespace templates

Showit templates are easy as cake to share with other creators – all you do is click “export” and share your custom key code! Squarespace templates, on the other hand, require you to add your customer as an admin, transfer site ownership to them, and confirm the transfer. Showit essentially has an automated template sharing feature whereas squarespace template sharing requires manual work.

Showit seo vs squarespace seo 

Showit integrates with WordPress blog posts which is an industry leader for SEO, squarespace uses its own blog posting platform which has significantly less data confirming successful SEO ventures. 

Showit vs Squarespace Conclusion:

In conclusion, Showit and Squarespace have their pros and cons. We ultimately went with Showit because the design capabilities outweigh the effort it takes to make a site!

showit vs squarespace

Studio La Terre is a design studio based in Tampa, FL who specializes in Showit website templates, media kits, and canva designs for creative entrepreneurs!

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