Top Website Design Shops for Showit Templates in 2021!

If you’re a creative entrepreneur with a self-built website, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Showit! You might even be a veteran of Showit website building like us (it’s easy to fall in love with Showit…like saving $300+ per month on web developer fees by drag and dropping Showit Templates yourself in their interface!) who is looking for Showit template inspiration – you’re in the right place!! We LOVE Showit and we’re excited to share our top favorite website template shops!

You might be new to Showit and have a few basic questions about their service before you shop for the best Showit templates – we have you covered! These are the essentials of what you need to know about designing a website with Showit:

Overwhelmed with choices for Showit templates? Your website needs the BEST Showit template! Here's the top shops for Showit Templates!

What is Showit?

Showit is an online web design platform for photographers and creative entrepreneurs who do NOT want to code! Like Wix, you can drag and drop photos, videos, text, and graphics with a few simple clicks! 

How hard is web design on Showit? Can Anyone Customize Showit Templates?

Showit has a learning curve similar to Wix or Squarespace (3-5+ hours of messing around before you feel like you can customize a template to fit your brand)! There are designers as young as 10 years old and as old as 90+ years old so Showit is on the easier side! 

How much is Showit pricing?

At the time of writing this article, Showit pricing ranges from $19-$34 per month which is a great deal compared to $300+ per month for a web designer!

Showit vs Squarespace

Showit and Squarespace are for two different business owners! Squarespace is better for the business owner who has no interest in “going to town” customizing their site – they want a simple website with the bare bones! Showit, on the other hand, is better for the creative entrepreneur who wants freedom to customize without having to learn to code! 

Top Design Shops for Showit Templates in 2021

Studio La Terre (

Our store has minimalistic Showit Templates that features destination wedding photographers or portrait photographers which are the perfect website theme for your photography business! The website templates on our shop also makes a great photographer gift for a friend or relative. they would look great for a boudoir photographer, senior photographer, or elopement photographer!

Studio La Terre also features Showit Website templates for coaches that features a financial coach which are the perfect website theme for your coaching business! These website templates also makes a great gift for a coach or mentor. They would look great for a health coach, business coach, or spiritual coach!

Elizabeth Mccravy! (

One of the top designers for Showit templates is the talented Elizabeth Mccravy! Her stylish and elegant Showit website templates are trendy, functional, and high satisfactory according to Elizabeth’s 5 star reviews! Her website templates are great for photographers, coaches, videographers, and more! You’ll get helpful web design resources on her Pinterest, YouTube, and Podcast!

Gabby Template
Taylor Belle Template

Shop Bold Designs! (

This top is Bold indeed with their website headline being “Website Templates That Are Battle-Tested – Our templates were designed for real entrepreneurs, utilizing their input and our history of creating for business owners.” One thing we support in the entrepreneurial community is bold businesses – so we recommend this Showit template shop to bold, boss business owners!!

Overwhelmed with choices for Showit templates? Your website needs the BEST Showit template! Here's the top shops for Showit Templates!
Be Bold Designs ( )

With Grace and Gold ( )

Another Showit template show that we love is With Grace and Gold! The number 1 reason why we love this website template shop is because they are “with the times.” For example, Grace and Gold sells podcast page templates for the new podcasters out there! They also have nifty templates like a “coming soon” template for when your website is under construction – how cool is that?! We also love that they have a “favorite things” page template to help with affiliate marketing and passive income!

With Grace and Gold ( )

Studio La Terre is a design studio who believes that every business owner deserves to have the marketing tools and templates to help scale at an affordable price so they can start profiting quicker instead of being fooled into going into debt over their graphic design! Visit their Etsy shop for a list of the latest products like media kits for influencers, pricing guide templates for photographers, resume templates, and more!

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