How Much Does a Blog Make in 2021?

If you’re into making money online, there’s a chance you’ve played with the idea of blogging! Chances also are you had the same question as we do – how much does a blog make in 2021?

Let’s get the cat out of the bag, it’s possible to make more than a living wage with a blog! For example, bloggers like Pat Flynn from smart passive income were known to make over $150k per month (1.8M/year) in passive income from their blogs! 

Smart Passive Income Blog generates over $150k per month!

Can Blogging Make You Money?

Blogging CAN make you money, but you have to monetize in some way! Pat Flynn, for example, sells courses and coaching services as premium additions to his free content! 

Let’s do some math: So if Pat Flynn gets 1 million views on his blog per month and only 1% of his viewers purchase a $50 course, Pat sells 10,000 units of a $50 product for a grand total of $500,000🤯

Let’s be conservative..imagine Pat cuts those profits in 10….he still leaves with $50,000 for writing a blog post and selling a video course!!

How to Monetize Blogs

we talked about monetizing your blog with an online course, but let’s talk about how to monetize blogs in other ways! 

Pat Flynn monetizes his blog by adding a podcast and selling advertising space on his podcast! He can also charge for a sponsored article on his blog! 

Some other ways to monetize a blog include offering services like coaching, live speeches, and in-person seminars or masterminds!  

You could even create a specialty report or a certification for someone in your niche! Pat Flynn, for example, could create a report titled “2021 statistics for top 10 income earning podcasts” and sell the digital download for $50-$100+ to other podcasters!

Monetizing a blog may feel like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! An easy place to start is investing $20 or less into a media kit template so you can put a price point to your sponsored blog posts in the future!

You don’t need 100k followers to start monetizing your blog! Shop our Media Kits!

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