5+ Top Examples of Media Kits [For Bloggers, Influencers, Social Media Content Creators]

If you’re a social media influencer, blogger, photographer, etc— you know the importance of standing out and making a great first impression to potential brands that you want to collab with via your media kit! These 5 Top Examples of Media Kits will show you the best selling media kits online so you can start charging for instagram posts, blog article features, youtube mentions, and more!

Before we get started, what is a media kit?

a media kit is a pricing sheet for influencers and content creators to charge for services like social media mentions, curated content, or even a mix of the both! Some of the benefits of customizable media kits are they are:

✔️ Valuable for bloggers, educators, influencers, YouTubers, TikTok creators!

✔️ Easy to edit on any browser via the Canva website! Duplicate or delete pages, adjust images and text to fit your brand aesthetic!

✔️ Brands will look at you as a content creator who is a figure of authority!

5 top examples of media kits

Media Kit Template from BlogPixie’s Etsy Store

The first media kit template on this list is from BlogPixie’s Etsy Store! This template is great for influencers who want to show off their stats on a variety of platforms like IG, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, & TikTok.

BlogPixie’s Media Kit Template

Media Kit Template from StudioLaTerre’s Etsy Store

This template will help you when looking for examples of media kits because it is 5 pages long so that means you’ll have tons of options while editing your template! The benefit of this template is it has a demographics map so you can point out which geographic location your target audience is from which will help sell you to your sponsored gigs!

Examples of Media Kits [5 Top Media Kits for Bloggers & Influencers]
Media Kit Template with Demographics Map by StudioLaTerre

Media Kit Template Examples With Modern Vibes

Another great one of the Media Kit Examples on this list is the modern vibe media kit! The monochromatic tones in this template make for a great drag-and-drop media kit, especially when your images are on the monochromatic side!

Media Kit Template Examples by GraphicsLoungeStudio

This adorable shop based in Paris, France (the French are truly artists) has over 40 media kit examples to explore! Their 3 page template is a popular product based on their customer reviews. Customers mention how quick they were able to customize their template and send off their media kit to a brand partnership!

3 page media kit template by GraphicsLoungeStudio

Media Kit Template Examples by TheBrandBooster

Another great recommendation for a media kit template is TheBrandBooster’s 1 page media kit template! This shop has raving fans who mention how easy-to-use they are which means you’ll get your media kit out in minutes! No need to hire a graphic designer, do it yourself with TheBrandBooster’s media kit Canva Template!

Media Kit Template by TheBrandBooster

Media Kit Template Examples by VisuelStudioCo

This Etsy shop has a 1 Page Media Kit Canva Template that is perfect for bloggers & influencers! Their template captivates potential sponsors so you can get a brand partnership that best suits your authentic audience. They have 4+ different media kit templates to choose from!

1 page influencer media kit by VisuelStudioCo

Media Kit Template Examples on a Budget

Sometimes you only need 1 or 2 pages for your media kit template, so you don’t need to spend too much money! Thankfully you can get media kit templates for $10 or less on Etsy! Our shop has a 2 page template for $10.

Examples of Media Kits [5 Top Media Kits for Bloggers & Influencers]
2 page template

Media Kit template examples with credibility from previous partnerships

Your media kit should also mention previous partnerships you’ve worked with – BusinessChicDesign’s shop has exactly this! Add the logo to the recognizable brands you’ve partnered with in the “as seen in” section in their media kit!

Media Kit Template by BusinessChicDesigns

We hope these top 5 examples of media kits will give you some ideas for your social media content creation business! We suggest to post them on your IG stories and Pinterest Pins to ensure you get as much traffic as possible to your media kit pricing and services!

Studio La Terre is a design studio based in Tampa, FL.

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